Sunday, 15 March 2015

Your Happy Place

Everybody has that place somewhere out in the big, big world where it makes you feel like you're you. The place that makes you feel happy in your own skin and happy to be you. The place where it brings out the you in you. The place where all your worries and fears just simply fade away. The place where nothing or no one can get to you. The place where it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, whenever you think of it. The place where whenever you go there, it feels like when you wear your most coziest and warmest jumper in winter and you feel safe and protected from the cold and it feels like a big, warm, comforting hug. 

That place could be anywhere. It could be when you're lying on the sofa watching your favourite tv programme or film cuddling up with your cat. Or it could be in a forest with the sunlight shining through each of the branches of the trees and a warm breeze blows over you and refreshes your mind and clears the cloud of chaos inside your head. The place where you take a deep breath and take it all in, and put your whole life into perspective and realise that this is your happy place.

My Happy Place

Personally my happy place is the forest example. There's this little section in my garden (pictured above) with lots of trees and the sun always shines through and you can always hear the trickling stream next to it, and it's just so peaceful and relaxing and it calms me instantly whenever I go there. I also just love to walk around and explore in my garden (I live in the English countryside). I also love to go for walks and take photos of the animals or wildlife I come across or watch my cats explore the garden too and take a few (a LOT) of pictures of them in the process.

Here are a few pictures all taken by myself of a few of my other happy places that I've come across, but mostly they are photos of my cats exploring the garden (which is my happy place), so please forgive me for the many photos of my cats, I love them too much to not take hundreds of pictures of them :), so please excuse the picture-heavy post, but I hope you enjoy these:

I hoped you enjoyed this little blog post as I've never written one before and please feel free to comment your happy place as I am intrigued and would love to know :)

What and where is your happy place?



  1. Such a cute cat! I love the post.

  2. Lovely post! x

  3. This post is so nice. I guess my favourite happy place is my bed when I cuddle in and watch a movie or just read a book. Hope you could check out my latest post.


    1. Aw thank you so much, and yes I love that too! I checked out your blog and I love it!x